assistance services

fcc assistance services can be tailored to your needs and answering your customers' requirements which will eventually not only enhance your customers' satisfaction and loyalty, but also differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors'. and this is achieved at effective and manageable costs.

our assistance service programs are either arranging only or coverage that you can pre-determine upon contracting with fcc. 

the services are provided 24x7, in thai and english, through our contact center facilities in bangkok. services in other language can also be arranged upon request. main services provided are:

personal assistance services

this essentially is services designed to make your customers' life easier and to match with their lifestyles. typical services are bookings for restaurant, movies, hotel accommodation, car rentals, and information services like making an appointment, provision of  phone numbers and other required information, etc.

travel assistance services

we provide extensive travel assistance, ranging from providing information about visa requirement, foreign embassies and consulate offices, popular tour packages, forex, hotels, car rentals, weather forecast, to assistance and support like pick up arrangement to and from airports, co-ordinate and support for lost luggage, or lost passport/travelling documents.

home assistance services

services cover ranges of services about home, be home maintenance like plumbing, electricity, general repairs, gardening, home cleaning, and pest control. anything to do with home, fcc have all the answers.
roadside assistance services

any troubles while your customers are on the road, anywhere in thailand, we can help. with thousands of fcc's service providers nation-wide,  we are ready to render help 24x7. typical services like car break-down, flat tyres, battery jump-start and towing services, car replacement, or even coordinating for insurance services, are daily provided by us, thus making driving trouble-free.

medical assistance services

we will co-ordinate and provide information on hospitals or medical centers, make arrangements for admission, treatment appointment, emergency medical evacuation, including a transportation for mortal remains.

mental health care (mhc) services

fcc mht is provided by a professional psychologist and designed to give initial counseling to callers about their problems, stress relating to their workplace or personal issues. counseling services are typically assessment, support, and, if need be, a referral to additional resources.

kids assistance services

dealing with children could overwhelm any working parents. fcc assistance team is here to help your customers manage it. ranging from providing information on schools and nurseries, activities and exhibitions for children, to  medical/mental health therapy advise for children, your customers can be rest assured that their children are taken care of in good hands.

pet assistance services

we provide services that can help you relax and worry free about your pets. our assistance team can assist you on pet care matters, covering basic advices to referring you to pet care professionals or veterinarians for more specific advices on pet care subjects, like health, nutrition, training and behavioral issues, etc.

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