general contact center

leveraging fcc general contact center to help boost your sales, lower your costs, strengthen customers' relations, as well as simplifying your sales and marketing efforts. experiences and skills of our teams, coupled with state of the arts contact center facilities and customized software tailored to your business needs can effectively deliver desired results. no capital investment for hardware, software, staffing and commitments for headcounts, and yet, projects start up can be done in a short lead time.

inbound contact center

fcc provides the most comprehensive customer support 24 hours a day. services rendered by our contact center range from giving information to detailed technical support to calling customers, depending on business requirements.  scope of our inbound services offered are as follows:

- products & services information provider

- in-depth customer service
- order taking
- application / claim processing
- customer retention
- sales closure
- business search & referral services

- remote receptionist
- billing queries
- help desk / trouble shooting (products & services)
- up-selling & cross-selling
- activation services
- registration services for events, seminars, and classes


outbound contact center

fcc solutions, which combine our state of the arts contact center features with experienced agent teams, will be designed by addressing relevant factors  to answer your particular business needs, thus ensuring a delivery of expected results. your requirements will be carefully addressed and systematically incorporated in the solutions designed for you and particular projects. examples of our outbound service are:

- lead generation
- product & service promotion
- mail follow-up / soft sales
- seminar marketing
- debt collection

- appointment setting / sales visit
- customer care programme
- marketing research & survey
- direct marketing & telesales

other services

- website and chat support service
- email support service
- mobile application service

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