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Take back control of your busy time & let us run your personal life

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Personal Assistance

Personal assistance service is designed to make your life easier for different lifestyle categories.  You can live your life to the fullest. Only identify your wishes, we will serve you with dedicated expertise hands with outstanding outcomes.

Travel Assistance

We provide extensive travel assistance for you from the beginning of your journey all the way back to your home, ranging from providing information to planning a trip. We insist that your significant traveling will have a good experience from high-class services and a one-of-a-kind trip.

Travel Agency

Roadside Assistance

Once you become stranded on the side of the road, the roadside assistance service will connect you with the competent specialist who can solve any disruptions occurred during your commute.

Medical Assistance

We focus on providing professional and exceptional customized healthcare solutions. Medical assistance in various fields offers to you ranging from providing medical advice at both initial and specialized level, giving medical cure suggestions for general symptoms to the emergency stage by expert doctors and supporting specialists.

Working Mom
Luxurious Home

Home Assistance

We provide related residential information and coordinate with relevant homework vendors to assist you.  Our concierge also offers a full-time

services committed to help you for emergency cases.

Mental Health Care Services

A primary mental health counseling service by our professional counselors who are capable to give initial counseling to you about your problems or stress. With this service, we sincerely support your mental well-being.

Happy Twins

Kids Assistance

Our concierge provides supporting and facilitating services for your children including schools and nursery information, various activities, children's medical/mental health therapy etc. You can rest assured that your children are taken care of in our good hands.

Pet Assistance

We provide an assistance service for your pets from the beginning before buying until taking care of them with high-quality service. With our competent concierge, we will serve you with a full range of pet care information to deliver the best experience for them.

Sleeping Cat


Scope of Service
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fcc services
Claim Value
1) Personal Assistance

Full Personal Assistance Scope Of Service

2) Travel Assistance

Full Travel Assistance Scope Of Service

3) Roadside Assistance

Full Roadside Assistance
Scope Of Service and Coverage Program

0-9 years = 2,200 THB

10-20 years = 2,900 THB

4) Medical Assistance

Full Medical Assistance
Scope Of Service and Coverage Program

600 THB per Session (15 mins)

5) Home Assistance

Full Home Assistance Scope Of Service

6) Mental Health Care Service

Full Mental Health Care Service
Scope Of Service and Coverage Program

3,000 THB per Session (45-60 mins)

7) Kids Assistance

Full Kids Assistance Scope Of Service

8) Pet Assistance

Full Pet Assistance Scope Of Service

Special Offers (Approximately 50,000.00 THB / Year)
1) Fine dinning Restaurants

Up to 20,000.00 THB / year

2) BMW / Alphard Limousine

Up to 6 trips / year

Up to 24,000.00 THB / year

3) Spa Voucher

Up to 6,000.00 THB / year

Retail Price : 120,000 Baht / Year
* Unlimited events per year
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